Girls achievement: education

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  • Girls' achievement
    • GCSE + coursework
      • According to Mitsos + Browne, girls do better at coursework because they are more conscientious and better organised
      • They mature earlier, can concen-trate for longer
    • Changes in womens' employment
      • 1970 equal pay act+1976 sex discrim-ination act
    • Positive role models
      • Now more female teachers + heads, providing positive, pro-educational role models
    • Changes in the family
      • More opportunity to be economically independent
      • Increase in diver rates, smaller families etc.
    • Educational policies
      • National curriculum boys + girls largely study the same subjects
      • GIST + WISE, science + technology
    • Girls' changing perceptions and ambitions
      • Sharpe 2 studies 1970s and 1990s
        • 1970s - priorities, marriage, children etc
        • 1990s - priorities, careers + being independent
    • Teacher attention
      • Swann found boys dominate class discussions but girls prefer group work
        • Better at listening + co-operating, favour with teachers
    • The influence of feminism
      • Affects girls' self-image and aspirations


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