Gender And Educational Achievement

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  • Gender and Educational Achievement
    • By the age of 16, girls outperform boys in maths and english. Generally girls outperform at GCSE and A level
    • Girls
      • Wilkinson
        • Young women have experienced a 'genderquake'- profound changes in attitudes and expectations
      • Sharp
        • Girls have different priorities now
      • Still problems- glass ceiling effect and WC still disproportionately underachieve
    • Boys
      • Epstein Et Al
        • Boys' underachievement is a problem now because of the lack of factory jobs now
      • Becker
        • The ideal pupil is a girl- teachers label boys
      • Mac An Ghaill
        • Changes in the economy and a rise in male unemployment have undermined ambition. This has led to anti school subcultures so boys underachieve
    • Warrington & Younger
      • Gender in education is only the fifth most important factor in educational performance


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