Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

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  • Gibbon's  Decline and Fall, chapter 16
    • "though they decline the active cares of war and government"
      • Both Gibbon and Machiavelli see this as bad for public virtue
    • "If we seriously consider the purity of the Christian religion, the sanctity of its moral precepts, and the innocent as well as the austere lives..."
      • Irony, Gibbon has previously denounced Christian intolerance
        • "we should naturally supposed that so benevolent a doctrine would have been received with due reverence"
          • "we are at a loss to discover [...] what new motives could urge the Roman Princes, who beheld without concern a thousand forms of religion subsisting in peace under their gentle sway, to inflict a severe punishment on any part of their subjects"
            • "The religious policy of the ancient world
    • "mild indifferene of antiquity", "the universal toleration of Polytheism"


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