Explanations for increase in divorce

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  • Explanations for increase in divorce
    • 1.Changes in the law
      • Divorce now made easier
      • Grounds for divorce now widened
      • Divorce now cheaper
      • Equalising the grounds for divorce for both sexes
    • 2. Declining stigma and changing attitudes
      • Couples  more willing to resort to divorce to solve marital issues
      • Past, divorce was shameful, now simply regarded as misfortune
      • Goody and Mitchell (1997) note that an important change since the 60s has been the decline in stigma attached to divorce
    • 3.Secularisation
      • Rapid decline in the influence of religion on society
      • Nowadays people are not as likely to be influenced by the church when making decisions
      • Churches have now softened their views on divorce because they fear losing credibility
    • 4. Rising expectations of marriage
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