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  • Rebranding- Cornwall.
    • Decline in rural economy
      • Cornwall has suffered from the decline in traditional employment.
      • Primary employment dominated in the 1970s. This included farming, fishing, tin mining
        • Farming- Falling farm prices, as supermarkets seek the lowest prices from their suppliers.
        • Fishing- EU quotas have allocated fish supplies to other european countries.
        • Mining- The exhaustion of tim reserves in Cornwall.
    • Deprivation
      • Caused by low wages.
    • Tourist economy
      • Tourism is an established industry in Cornwall.
      • Helped offset job losses in primary industries.
      • Tourism brings problems: The jobs are mainly seasonal, part time or poorly paid.
      • Only 33% of profits from tourism stay in Cornwall.
      • The visitor numbers vary between seasons depending on the weather.
    • Core and Periphery theory
      • Main reason for deprivation is rural areas is their remoteness.
      • The UK's core areas is where most wealth is produced. It extends from London to Leeds and Manchester.
      • It produces 75% of the UK's goods and services.
      • Has the highest wages and level of investment.
      • Has the densest transport infrastructure-most motorways, the busiest airports and densest rail networks are there.
      • Remote rural areas are described as the periphery and are poorly served by transport infrastructure.
      • They are a long way from core markets, and job opportunity's are fewer.
      • There are some benefits- peripheral areas can be cheaper to live in but they often suffer from depopulation as young people leave to find bette jobs.
    • Lack of rural services and employment
      • 72% of villages don't have a village shops.
      • Lack of job opportunities for younger people.
      • Low income  households in rural areas are more likely to remain on a low income than urban households.
    • The Eden Project
      • Consists of two large conservatories- know at Eden as biomes. Exhibiting the worlds major plant types.
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