Human Physiology and Pathology: Cardiac Cycle

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  • Cardiac cycle
    • Mid to late diastole blood returns to the heart via the systemic and pulmonary veins
      • enters relaxed atria, ventricles fill the pulmonary artery and aorta
        • late diastole the atria contract driving more blood into the ventricles
          • start of systole, ventricles contract, raising pressure within them
            • ventricular pressure exceeds atrial pressure the AV valves close
              • pressure in ventricles forces semilunar valves open, ejecting blood out
                • ventricular pressure rises to a peak, then begins to decline
                  • pressure falls below aortic pressure and semilunar valves close ending systole
                    • ventricular myocardium is relaxing, all valves are closed and volume of blood remains the same
                      • ventricular pressure low enough to permit the AV valves to reopen, starting cycle again


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