Germany's Defeat - World War One

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  • Germany's Defeat - World War One
    • US Declaration of War
      • Americans had fresh soldiers
      • They had plenty of wepons
      • Brought hope to the allied soldiers
      • Arrived with new ideas and tactics
    • Bolshevik Revolution
      • While German soldiers out fighting
        • Revolution was happening at home
        • Police weren't stopping it
    • Allied naval Blockade
      • Food and fuel couldn't get into germany
      • Whatever food got in went straight to the frontline
      • People at home were only getting artificial substitutes
    • New Allied technology
      • More technology (from US joining)
      • More advanced weaponry (aeroplanes and tanks)
    • Failure of Spring Offensive
      • Germany's last big push
      • Pushed everything they had to one point in the allies' line
      • On their way, they began to run out of fuel and ammunition and had to slow down
      • Gave allies and new US troops time to attack from both sides with everything they had
    • Collapse of Germany's Allies
      • Many german allies surrendered or were defeated
      • Hungary and Yugoslavia began to declare their independance so could not fight
      • So they were left deserted at a time when they were running out of supplies and soldiers


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