The Aftermath of World War One

What happened in Germany after the armistice of World War One.


WW1 lasted from 1914-1918. Fighting ended with an armistice on November 11th. The winners were Britain, France and the USA. They imposed peace treaties to the losers...especially Germany.

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World War One had caused Devestation

  • Millions dead or injured. Countries such as Belgium and France devestated - main powers spent too much money on war.
  • Many wanted Germany to take blame, especially Britain and France - germany and allies not allowed to take part in talks.
  • Everyone wanted ot make sure there was never a war like it again, but no one knew how or couldn't agree.
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The Results of the Versailles Treaty were Servere

Peace settlement between winners and Germany, known as the Treaty of Versailles signed in June 1919. This cost Germany a lot of territory.

  • Article 231 states Germany had to take blame - War-Guilt Clause.
  • Germany's armed forces reduced to 100,000 men. No armoured vehicles, aircraft or submarines. Only 6 warshhips.
  • Germany forced to pay £6600 million in reparations - payments for damaged caused. This was decided in 1921, but changed later otherwise this would of taken till the 1980's to pay off.
  • Germany lost its empire - areas that used to belong to Germany were now called mandates. Germany put under control of countries on winning side by League of Nations - aims to settle international disputes peacefully.
  • German military banned from Rhineland.
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Germany Hated the Treaty of Versailles

The Germans were very bitter towards the Treaty of Versailles because...

  • Couldn't afford reparations.
  • Lost industrial areas.
  • Lost pride without armed forces.
  • Didn't accept defeat.
  • Often now lived under foreign rule in new countries.
  • Lost colonies.
  • Suffered an ecenomic crisis.
  • Didn't accept guilt for starting war.
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Versailles - no treats for the Germans...

Treaty was the key document in Europe for the next twenty years - it had major impacts on world events throughout the 1920's and 1930's.



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