Treaty of Versailles

The Terms of the Treaty of Versailles and what Britain, France and the USA's leaders wanted from the defeated nations.

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David Lloyd-George
Lloyd-George wanted Germany to be punished for
starting the war, but not to harshly in case they seek
He wanted Germany to pay reparations as Britain was
financially exhausted by the end of the war.
Pressure at home- the liberals had one the election of
1918 promising to "make Germany pay".
He wanted to protect Britain's empire by taking
German colonies and restricting her navy.
He wanted to re-establish trade links with Germany to
help the British economy.…read more

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George Clemenceau
Clemenceau wanted to make Germany pay for the war,
France has suffered enormous damage from the First
World War.
He wanted Germany to pay reparations to help France
rebuild its broken economy.
He wanted to cripple Germany economically and
militarily, so that she would no longer be a threat, this
meant a small military and loosing a lot of valuable
He wanted Alsace- Lorraine to be returned to France.…read more

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Woodrow Wilson
Wilson was an idealist, he wanted a better world made out of
the First World War with the help of his fourteen points.
He agreed Germany should be punished, but not too harshly as
he though the would seek revenge.
His main aim was to strengthen democracy in the defeated
nations so the people would not let there leaders start another
He also believed in self determination - no empires and
countries should rule themselves.
He wanted the league of nations set up to help keep the peace
and act as an international police force.…read more

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Effects of the Treaties
· Germany was blamed for the war.
· Germany had to pay £6,600,00,000 (6.6 billion)
in reparations.
· Germany's army was reduced to 100,000 men,
navy to only 6 battleships. Conscription was
banned. No tanks. No Submarines. No aircraft.
All wartime weapons were melted down.…read more

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Effects of the Treaties
· Britain and France Split the colonies and
territories captured from Germany and Turkey.
· The Rhineland was taken over by the Allies and
not allowing Germany to have military presence
· Alsace-Lorraine was returned to France.
· The Saar was given to France for 15 years,
(German land with coal fields) following this the
people would vote to see which country they
would belong to.…read more

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Effects of the Treaties
· Poland became an independent nation- this cut of
East Prussia (part of Germany) from the rest of
· Danzig was made a free city
· Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia (formerly
part of Russia) to be made independent nations.
· Czechoslovakia was made an independent nation.
(Was formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian
empire)…read more


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