Germany 1914-45 - Effects of WW1 on Germany

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What were the effects of World War One on Germany?

  • Anarchy - Germany was extremely unstable. Armed demobalised soldiers were returning hime, and joining in violent demonstrations against the war and the Kaiser.
  • Political Effects - The Reichstag was weak before the war. Both working-class and middle-class had little to say in how Germany was run. No one effectively opposed the Kaiser. This worsened during the war when oppisition leasers were imprisoned. Germany was a military dictatorship run by the Kaiser and hus army leaders Ludendorf and Hidenburg. This made the Reichstag even weaker.
  • Physocological effects - The experience of war made Germany bitter and angry. They looked around for someone to blame for defeat in the war. Germany had once been famous for its unity and obedience…


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