Geography Migration- USA

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  • USA
    • Key facts
      • strong influence of global migration
      • 2013 41.3 million immigrants
    • Reasons for the attractiveness
      • Possibility of gaining a green card
      • Permanent residence
        • Employment opportunities
          • Wage differentials
        • Education opportunities
          • High skilled jobs
    • Interdependence with Mexico
      • Each county has the highest diaspora living in the other
      • Low skilled Mexicans contribute to the USA economy
      • Wages are much higher
      • Providing remittances
    • Opportunities
      • Immigrants take the low paid jobs
      • Aims to attract highly skilled proffesionals
      • Most are young working age
      • Contribute to taxbase
    • Challenges
      • 11.5 million unauthorised immigrants live in the USA
      • Integration of immigrant groups
      • Adding to demand of supplies such as food water and electricity


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