Superpower Geographies

What is a Superpower: Characteristics of a Superpower, Capitalism and Communism, USA and USSR as Superpowers, British Empire as a Colonial Superpower, China as an Economic Superpower, Indicators of Superpowers and Emerging Superpowers, Changing Superpowers, Theories Explaining Growth of Superpowers

The Role of Superpowers: Neo-Colonialism, Americanisation as a Form of Cultural Imperialism, Intergovernmental Organisations (IGOs)

Superpower Futures: Rise of the BRICs, China's Presence in Africa, Implications of Shifting Power for Older Core Countries, Tensions Between Cultures

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Physical size and geographical position
Most resources
Most influence over bordering countries
E.g. Russia
Global demand for oil and metals (e.g. iron ore for steel
Countries may withhold resources, creating shortages
and increasing their influence
Population size
Large labour force
Large market
E.g. EU formed to increase market of individual
countries.…read more

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Economic power and influences
Form trade blocs which determine global trade /
interest rates
Most powerful currencies
Attract further investment
Top 12 economies earn 68% of global GDP
Military force
Historically determines political power
UN Security Council responsible for world peace
Global capitalism and role of the media
American-based news corporations spread
American values (e.g. capitalism) globally…read more

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Where all factors of production (industry,
business and agriculture) are owned by
private individuals or firms who run them for
their own profit.
E.g. USA, UK, Germany
where all factors of production (industry,
business and agriculture) are owned by the
state for the good of everyone.
E.g. China, North Korea, Cuba…read more

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Established `friendly' communist
governments in Eastern European countries
to remove threat of attack from the West.
Led to industrial production multiplying
several times over.
Led to huge expansion of the armaments
industry.…read more

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Great resources. 5*. Concise information with all the case study information that you need to know. Thank you Miriam!

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