Geography Migration

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  • Brazil
    • Key Facts
      • Net migration loss of half a million
      • Increased emigration to USA
      • Rise in number of international labour migrants
      • Home to the Olympics- 2016 and world cup- 2014
    • Interdependences
      • Brazil and Portugal- Long standing bilateral relationship, Brazil= former colony and is a gateway into the EU
      • Brazil + USA- low skilled workers go to USA to increase remittances and knowledge to help development
    • Economic Development
      • Waves of immigration has resulted in an increase in agriculture
      • Recent arrivals of highly skilled professionals
      • Emigration to USA means remittances
    • Political Stability
      • Stable and democratic
      • Bilateral flows
    • Social Equality
      • Inequalities between different ethnic groups
      • Inequalities have a spatial perspective with a poverty concentration
      • Prejudice and discrimination


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