Geography - Cyclone Aila

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  • Case study: Cyclone Aila (Component1)
    • Occurred in Bangladesh in May 2009
      • Its peak wind strength was 360 km/h
        • Category 1 Hurricane
        • Low air pressure (967mb) caused sea level to rise, creating a huge storm surge.
      • Estuary region receives 210mm of rainfall
    • Social impacts
      • 190 people were killed
      • 750,000 were made homeless
      • 3.5 million people were affected.
      • 59000 animals died, depriving families of food.
      • By mid-2010, over 200,000 people hadn't returned home
    • Environmen-tal Impacts
      • Loss of animals meant that animal dung, a source of fuel, was lost increasing pressure on firewood sources
      • Flooding  meant that fresh water was contaminated by sewage and air brought mosquitos (and malaria)
      • An area of Mangrove was badly affected Home to the royal-bengal tiger. 30 drowned.
    • Economic Impacts
      • Most people had labouring jobs and were forced into slums
      • $295.6 million in damages?


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