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  • Hostile World
    • Tropical Storms
      • Form 30 degrees North and 10 degrees South of the equator. Need the warm sea water which is evaporating and rising. Over 26 degrees temp. of sea water at depths of 60m. Air pressure = low, less air at surface level, causes storm surges.  Often 12km high - condensation releases latent heat which makes air rise. Die out over land.
        • Managing Tropical storms: Bangladesh - shelter built on concrete pillars to prevent flooding, windows have no glass and are covered with metal bars and shutters.
        • Reducing the effects: (Bangladesh) cyclone shelters, educating women, warning volunteers, Tree planting along the coast.
          • Reducing the effects: (USA) - National Hurricane Centre, warnings are issued where they are going to strike, plots path hurricane could follow, checks sea levels, gives regular updates. FEMA - Carries out mandatory evacuation, where people are evacuated to.
      • Hurricanes in the Atlantic, Typhoons in the Pacific, Cyclones in Asia.
      • Tropical storms in the future: Warmer seas and deeper seas due to global warming, more powerful, wind and length of tropical storms are increasing.
    • Wildfires
      • Causes - Lightening, arson, accidents, sparks from machinery etc. Speed up when they occur during a hot and dry period of weather. leaves can catch fire quickly, can be worsened if strong winds fan the flames (Santa Ana winds)
      • Reducing the damage: Fire-fighters, water released from helicopters and area ahead of fire is also sprayed, volunteer groups remove dead leaves and branches from areas with risk, campaigns to increase awareness. Police force ensure evacuation. Smoky bear - educates children.
      • Wildfires Increasing? Becoming more powerful and occurring more often because hot weather makes wildfires occur more often and increase the intensity of the heat which causes the fire to be stronger.
      • California 2007


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