Hurricane Aila

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  • Hurricane Aila
    • Effects
      • Social
        • Women most effected (they are rural landless labourers)
        • 190 killed
        • 750 000 made homeless (homes destroyed by floods or winds)
        • 3.5 million affected (losing their homes or livelihoods)
      • Environmental
        • 3 metre storm surge submerged and destroyed several villages
        • Delta flooded with salt water killing crops
        • 59 000 animals killed (including cattle) depriving families of food or income
      • Economic
        • 90% of those displaced were from Bangladesh's lowest income group
        • Over half of the earth's embankments in Southern Asia build to hold back floods and protect people were washed away
    • Risks
      • Environmental
        • 80% of Bangladesh is less than 10m above sea level
          • Increased risk of global flooding
        • 3 of the world's largest rivers meet in Bangladesh creating the world's largest floodplain
      • Social
        • High population density
          • If it flooded harder to evacuate people
      • Economic
        • Less economically developed
          • Not enough money to move people around or provide aid
          • $2100 GDP per capita
          • 30% of population below poverty line
    • Management techniques
      • Weather forecasting
        • Manages all the risks because it is informing (e.g. wind,storm surge, flood)
        • Bangladesh's Meteorologica-l Department issues weather forecasts and warnings on TV and radio
      • Satellite technology
        • Manages the risk of not being able to track the cyclone and its formation
        • 3 radar stations transmit live updates
      • Warning and evacuation strategies
        • Manages the risk of people being uninformed
        • Since Cyclone Bhola (killed 300 000) government has developed an early warning system enabling coastal communities to be evacuated, they spread the information through:
          • Runs awareness campaigns
          • Posters
          • Leaflets
          • Film shows
          • Demonstation-s
      • Storm-surge defences
        • Manages the risk of storm-surge and flooding
        • Invested heavily in evacuation shelters and safety refuges
          • 3500 cyclone shelters in coastal districts some taking up to 8000 people
          • Embankments built to protect against storm surges


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