Game of polo with a headless goat

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      • 'BUT WILL YOU TRY TO GET TO THE FRONT?' - direct speech brings characters to life and shows Levine's determination and excitement.
      • 'WE WAITED FOR ETERNITY' - hyperbole conveys Levine's impatience and also mirrors the rest of the text's extremity
      • 'SOME FIFTY VEHICLES ROARING UP' - onomatopoeic language - first indication of sound and visual impact of the race.
      • 'IT WAS SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST'- hyperbole suggesting a battle to survive.
      • WITH A SHARP FLICK OF THE STEERING WHEEL (NO LANE DISCIPLINE HERE);... FOR A COUPLE OF SECONDS; NERVES OF STEEL AND AN EFFECTIVE HORN.'- Semi colons are used to separate the items on the list. The series of phrases reflects quick moves made by the driver.
      • 'HAD TO DIVE INTO THE DITCH' - alliteration adds drama to the text.
      • 'THE RACE WAS OVER' - short sentence indicates abruptness which race ends with - making it more dramatic.
      • 'VOICES WERE RAISED, FISTS WERE OUT AND TEMPERS RISING'- rule of three and is uses to describe change in mood.
      • 'SWALLOWED UP BY THE CROWD' - metaphor indicates how individuals change to become monstrous when they are a crowd.
      • 'YAQOOB LOVED IT' - short sentence reflecting the simplistic joy that echoes the simple lifestyle- contrasts with the longer sentences describing the race. Suggests that action is complex but emotions are straight-forward.
      • 'HANGING OUT OF TAXIS AND PERCHED ON LORRIES' - again 'perched' is used this time for the mass of spectators
    • QUOTES
      • 'WACKY RACES' - refers to an old cartoon. reader can relate the race to a cartoon and conjures images of anarchy and chaos found in cartoons- foreshadows mayhem.
      • 'ME PERCHED IN THE BOOT' - Verb 'perched' builds a comical image.
      • 'COMING, COMING' - Shows laid back lifestyles. Juxtaposes with the west and the definite timing of formula one races.
      • 'JUST AS,' - Turning point
      • 'THE TWO DONKEYS WERE ALMOST DWARFED BY THEIR ENTOURAGE' - usually used to describe people accompanying e.g. a president. Brings humour as it's for 2 donkeys- but also suggests importance of the race.
      • 'THEIR JOCKEYS PERCHED ON TOP'- 'perched again this time for jockeys.
      • 'BUT I DON'T EVEN HAVE MY LICENCE YET BECAUSE I'M UNDERAGE!' - Reflects the unlawfulness and chaos of the race.
      • 'COULD'VE CAUSED PROBLEMS' - Text ends with an understatement and leaves open suggestion the things that could've gone wrong during the chaotic race. Levine seems to acknowledge it as exciting.
      • 1) Waiting- expectation, quiet, and still.
      • 2) Race approaches- a build-up of tension
      • 3) Midst of race- chaos, noise and movement
      • 4) Climax - end of race
      • 'JUST AS I WAS ASSUMING' - indicates shift in Waiting to Actual race itself.
      • The long complex sentences in paragraph 5 mirror the hectic scene.
      • STRUCTURALLY- The combination of the 3 races (the donkey race, the spectator race and Yaqoob's race to get Levine in front), reflects the complexity of the events being described!Furthermore- notice 'PERCHED' is used for all 3 races. Levine perched. Jockeys perched. and the spectators perched.
      • Dialogue - to present characters
      • Humour and Hyperbole to convey chaos of events and to entertain the reader
      • Use of sensory language, onomatopoeia - to convey the atmosphere of the race.
      • Combination of long and complex sentences and short sentences to create contrast and develop tension and drama
      • Verbs to convey movement
      • A lot of Rule of three
      • Metaphors to convey intensity of the driving experience


D'angelo Keebler


A game of polo with a headless goat was played in the year 1833, which is the earliest known reference to polo for this site. The documentation for this site indicates that the game of polo was first played from around 1800-1860 in England and was originally called "hockey on horseback". In its original form, each player used a stick with a wooden ball and a flat head. The game was played by two teams with 6 players each using only their feet to control the ball. Well, Here is my advice about the 5 best football themed slots that any casino lover can enjoy online.



El juego de polo se juega entre dos equipos cada uno con una pelota de Polo inigualable, golpeada y sostenida por jugadores montados a caballo. El objetivo del juego es sumar puntos golpeando el palo de polo de la meta del oponente y la pelota con la tuya. Ti stiamo fornendo di controllare e ottenere informazioni su casino non AAMS 2022. El equipo que haya anotado más puntos gana. Ambos tienen que golpear su pelota hacia la portería del otro jugador sin golpear la cabra. El equipo que haya anotado más goles gana este juego.

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