Game of Polo with a Headless Goat

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  • A Game of Polo with a Headless Goat
    • juxtaposition of refined polo with savage, crazy goat: creates interest for readers
    • 'We waited for eternity'
      • hyperbole: use of extremism fits with the rest of the text, all very extreme
    • 'clouds of fumes and dust'
      • element of mystery: she doesn't know what's going to happen just as the reader is unsure
    • 'speeds of up to 40kph'
      • very impressive and comparable for readers.
      • juxtaposes ridiculousness of it all
    • 'horns tooting, bells ringing... special rattles'
      • triplet emphasises and builds up the volume
        • cacophony of noise
    • paragraph 5 is short, with lots of detail: reflects the business of the race
      • also very long sentences and overwhelming detail echoes chaotic race: list to speed up pace
        • asyndeton
    • 'The race was over.'
      • short sentence emphasises the abruptness of race's end
    • 'But I don't even have my license yet... I'm underage'
      • unlawfulness of this reflects the race (no traffic rules, racing down a main road)
    • reference to 'Wacky Races'
      • allows reader to relate race to a cartoon, which also conjures images of anarchy and chaos found in cartoons
    • 'We drove off...'
      • immediate high energy start to the article sets the pace and lets us know this is going to be fast and exciting
    • lull of tension made by villager on their bicycle
      • allows an even more exciting climax: created by longer sentences
    • 'Coming, coming...'
      • lack of any time phrase and urgency illustrates laidback lifestyle, which juxtaposes the West: F1 races have definite start times
    • 'Yaqoob loved it'
      • short sentence highlights certainty of the statement.
      • simplistic joy echoes the simpler lfestyle
    • 'the finishing line, the hospital gate'
      • foreshadowing: expecting an accident to occur
    • 'Voices were raised, fists were out and tempers rising'
      • triplet and sibilance to emphasise danger. Feeling it is still rising made by continuous tense




Very helpful, had detailed notes on most quotes. Would definitely recommend.

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