A game of pollo with a headless goat

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  • A Game of Polo with Headless Goat
    • Who is involved
      • Yaqoob
      • Emma Levine
      • Iqbal
      • 2 donkey racers
      • a mob of spectators
    • When
      • n/a
    • What happend
      • A donkey brakes down
      • Emma Levine tried to get some photos of the race
      • An angry protested at the race results
      • 3 donkey races take place
      • Yaqoob reveals that he is a under age driver with out a lisence
      • The race took very long
      • Cars where frantically shoving each other to be nearest to the donkeys
      • The bookmakers wanted the race to be re-run
      • Emma, Yaqoob and Iqbal left before the crowd got to angry
    • How?
      • Emma Levine tires to make her photos by sitting in the back of a moving car, with the boot open.
    • Why
      • Spectators: they want to watch the race and hope that the donkey they bet on, wins
      • Emma,  Yaqoob and iqbal: all want to see the race and take some pictures of it
    • Where
      • Karachi, Pakistan


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