A Game of Polo with a Headless Goat

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  • A Game of Polo with a Headless Goat
    • Factual information gives understanding of sport and people supporting it
      • 'Kibla donkey"
    • Full of sensory description to maintain interest
      • "Horns tooting" onomatopoiea
    • Irony and humor
      • the race ends at 'hospital gates'
      • Ironically in a crash 'underage driver'
    • Short sentence, abrupt end to the race
      • "The race was over"
    • Informal tone established through diction
      • 'lads' and 'wacky races'
    • Contrast of pace
      • Intially is slow as we wait for race to start
    • 3 narrative styles form commentary on seperate races
      • Writers race
      • Spectators race
      • Donkey race
    • Direct speech enagages reader and helps them appreciate what is happening
      • "Coming, Coming"
    • Careful not to alienate reader but maintaining tension and pace
      • "using their whips energetically, although not cruelly"
    • Familiar images help the reader appreciate the chaotic nature of race
      • "Formula 1 without rules"
      • "A city centre rush hour gone anarchic


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