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  • Functions
    • Peripherals
      • OS will manage: -Getting Input - Sending Output -Copying files from disk to main memory-Copy data files back to secondary storage
    • Multi-tasking
      • A computer can only do 1 task at once so it does swaps swiftly between them so it appears to be.
    • Memory Management
      • To run a program, the computer must copy the program from storage into main memory.
    • Privacy Management
      • OS orgnises user logins and passwords.
      • May include password protection on indivual files.
      • Controls access rights
    • File Management
      • Os must identify where files are stored for long term storage
      • The user doesn't need to know the specific track, sector and surface address- but the OS does in order to accurately locate a file on the HDD.
    • Operating System
      • Manage getting input
      • Manage sending output


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