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  • SQL
    • Select Function
      • The select function selects a certain piece of data from the table it is using and extracts that data
    • From
      • This query is used so that the computer knows where to extract the data from
    • Order By
      • This tells the computer how the user wants them to be ordered when displayed
    • Where
      • This function specifies what specific text it is looking for in the table
    • Wildcards
      • This function uses the *. If the * is used either side of a character, the code will search the table and display everything containing that certain character
    • Insert Into function
      • This function lets you add new data into the table. To use this function you would need to put insert into followed by the values you're adding into the table, all followed by a comma to separate them.
    • SELECT name FROM world // WHERE population >=100000000
      • This will then output all the countries from the table 'world' that have a population that is bigger than or equal to 100000000
    • Search
      • You can search for specific information in a database
        • Your search may then bring back ten search records and those records would be known as a record set


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