Forming Methods

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  • Forming
    • Blow Moulding
      • Liquid plastic is placed into the mould
      • A tube is inserted into the plastic and air is released
      • The plastic then expands to fill the shape of it's mould
      • Used to make bottles, both plastic and glass
    • Injection Moulding
      • Uses heating elements to melt plastic granuales
        • The granules are held in the Hopper
      • The liquid plastic is injected into a mould under high pressure
        • By a hydraulic ram, after the granules have been melted
      • The plastic will retain its original properties when it hardens
      • The granules are pulled through the heating chamber by archimedes screw
    • Vacuum Forming
      • Introduce a flat peice of polymer onto an air tight surface
      • The polymer is heated up until it is soften
      • A mould is intruduced next to the polymer,
      • Then the air is evacuated and the mould is removed


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