Defining and measuring crime

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  • Defining And Measuring Crime
    • Problems in defining crime
      • Laws change over time and across cultures
      • Culture: forced marriage legal in UK but illegal in other places
      • Time: being gay was considered a crime until 1967
      • Time: smacking children outlawed in 2004
    • Ways of measuring crime
      • Official statistics
        • Government records of reported crime
        • Published on an annual basis
        • Allows the government to develop crime-preventing strategies and policing initiatives
      • Victim Surveys
        • People's experiences of crime
        • Document crimes they have been a victim of in the past year
        • 50,000 households are randomly selected
      • Offender Surveys
        • Self-report crimes they have committed
        • Target groups of likely offenders
          • Based on risk factor such as; previous convictions, age, social background etc


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