Forensic psychology - defining and measuring crime

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  • Defining and measuring crime
    • Problems in defining crime
      • Cultural issues: laws aren't the same in every country
      • Historical issues: laws change over time
    • Ways of measuring crime
      • Official statistics: government records of number of crimes reported and recorded
        • Weakness: 'dark figure' of crimes unreported by victims or unrecorded by police, some commentators suggest only 25% of crimes are recorded
      • Victim surveys
        • Strength: Greater accuracy than official stats (less dark figure).
        • Weakness: victim may misremember events that happened in the past and recall might not be accurate
      • Offender surveys: tend to target groups of 'likely offenders'
        • Strength: provides insight into how many people were involved in a crime
        • Weakness : likely to be less reliable bc offenders may want to hide their previous crimes (even though the surveys are confidential) or want to exaggerate their crimes bc of ego
        • Weakness: targeted nature of surveys means that some crimes (such as burglary) are over-represented
      • Weakness: political parties may misinterpret stats to help them gain votes


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