Forensic psychology

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  • Forensic Psychology
    • Key Terms
      • OFFICIAL STATISTICS- Published by the home office and bases on recorded crime
      • DARK FIGURE OF CRIME- Tthe amount of unreported/ undiscovered crime
      • THE CRIME SURVEY FOR ENGLAND & WALES- Victim survey measuring amount of crime in England & Wales by askeing 50000 people abouth their experience of crime in the past year & whether or not they reported the crime
      • FORENSIC- Related to the law
    • Defining Crime
      • Legal Definition- Crimes are acts that break the law
        • The more laws created, the more crimes created, more potential criminals
      • Normative Definition- Crimes are any act that causes offence to moral norms or values held by society
      • Oxford dictionary definition- "An act, punishable by law, as being forbidden by statute or injurious to the public welfare; an evil or injurious act; an offence, sin; especially of a grave character"


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