FOREIGN POLICY: Ambitions and problems 1509-12

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  • FOREIGN POLICY: Ambitions and problems 1509-12
    • AIMS
      • Glory
        • wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father
      • Ally in Europe who would support his aims and assist his attack on France
        • Spain
          • his father, Henry VII, had forged an alliance with Spain
          • Spanish princess, Catharine of Aaragon had married his brother, Arthur, and was now resident in England as his widow
      • Needed to ensure Scottish border with England was effectively controlled, to prevent any threat whilst he was fighting in France.
    • Initial quest and its failure
      • 1509 - married Catharineof Aaragon
        • Secured Spanish alliance
      • H chief advisors - Archbishop Warham + Bishop Fox opposed war.
        • 1510 - manipulated H to extend the truce with France.
    • Ferdinand of Spain
      • 1512 - H launched an attack n Guienne in south-west France under the expectation that he would be supported by his ally, Ferdinand of Spain.
        • HOWEVER Ferdinand was using H as a distraction to the French whilst he seized Navarre.
          • Once he had accomplished this, Ferdinand made peace with Louis XII of France.
            • Henry was forced to return to England with nothing to show for his efforts and expense.


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