Henry VIII foreign policy.

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What was the role of the papacy in 1509-30?

  • It was a significant source of conflict between france and the holy roman empire.
  • Formed the holy league to ward off the threat of french invasion
  • Was the spiritual head of the church
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When was the battle of Flodden? Why did it happen?


  • Henry went to invade france along with spain and holy roman empire
  • whilst henry was absent, james IV of scotland attempted an attack on the northern border of england
  • The earl of surrey and troops successfully defended britain
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What were Henry's ambitions regarding foreign poli

  • To reclaim the crown of france
  • To be at the centre of foreign affairs
  • To establish himself as a powerful leader
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When was the field of cloth of gold? What happened


  • Henry met Francis I near Calais in order to outshine each other with wealth.
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What ruined Henry's plans to conquer the crown of

  • The emergance of the Holy Roman Empire, Charles was now ruler of both spain and the netherlands and so his territories circled France which made invasion from Charles much more probable.
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What was the diplomatic revolution of 1525?

  • The treaty of cognac was arranged that alligned England, france and several italian states against hapsburg in italy. England financed it but never joined.
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What were the problems with Henry's foreign policy

  • The cost of the campaigns were high, Henry spend £960,000 in 1511-13 when is income per annum was only £110,000 
  • He had unreliable allies- Ferdinand in 1512 at the first french war decieved henry.
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When was the treaty of London and what was it? sig


  • It was a settlement of universal peace which put England at the centre of diplomatic affairs, the most significant countries included England, France and the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Was a non- aggression pace. Those signing it agreed to help each other if they were attacked.
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How did the breakdown of Charles and H relationshi

  • It made Henry's annulment/ divorce with catherine of aragon alot harder to gain.
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