Food supply issues.

A mindmap about food supply issues.

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  • Food supply issues
    • Terminology
      • TNCs – Trans-national coporations.
        • Companies that have factories, offices + trade between two or more nations.
      • Geopolitics
        • The way geography, demography, economics, and the distrutions of resources interrelate with the politics of nations and the relationships between nations.
      • Globalisation
        • Increasing inter-connectivity or links between economics, culture, political & social spheres.
    • Classifying types of farming
      • Commercial – food for profit
      • Intensive – where the amount of labour is high, even if the amount of capital is low in relation to the area being farmed 
      • Extensive – occurs where the amounts of capital and labour are small in relation to the amounts of land being farmed
      • Arable – growing crops
      • Pastoral/livestock – animals
      • Mixed – when farms grow crops and rear animals
      • Subsistence – enough to feed family, no surplus
    • Factors that affect food supply
      • Water availability
      • Infrastructure
      • Life span of the food
      • Cost
      • Transport links
      • Culture & religion
      • Political stability


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