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  • Africa
    • Continent that makes the smallest contribution to climate change but is the most affected
      • Scientists believe that climate change may be making El nino events more frequent and more intense
        • El nino brings droughts to southern Africa and floods to east Africa
    • Water issues
      • el nino brings droughts to southern Africa
      • Arid climate with little precipitation
      • Rivers are internationally shared which creates conflicts
        • eg Egypt and Sudan
      • water crisis as demands are 25% greater than supply
      • poverty decreases proportion with access to clean water
      • flooding in eastern Africa In El nino
        • 2001 Kenya flooding
          • water diverted to the flower fields from locals
    • food insecurity
      • 70% of the population are subsistence farmers
        • so if water supplies dry up they will have nothing
      • 20-50% species face extinction
    • health
      • climate change will increase survival of water Bourne and vector boune diseases
        • eg increase of malaria
    • poverty
      • 2/3rd of thw worlds poorest countries
        • government doesn't have the money to invest in reliable water supplies, education or health care
        • negative multiplier effect


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