Food safety and different dietary requirements.

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  • Food safety and different dietary requirements.
    • Different people have different dietary requirements. There are 5 factors that affect what people need.
      • 1. sex0- men are usually bigger, so require more of each nutrient. An example- a 16 year old girl requires 53g protein a day compared to 72g for a boy of the same age.
      • 2. age- older people tend to be less active so need less energy and less nutrients than teenagers for example. E.g. over 75 man requires 2150 kcal compared to 16 year old boy who needs 2880 kcal
      • 3. activity- people who are more active need more energy. For example, a moderately activeman of 30 requires 2900kcal a day compared to a very active one who needs 3350kcal. Sportsmen need more carbs and protein.
      • special conditions: for example, pregnant women need more iron and vitamin b12 to help with the formation of the bays blood and more calcium, vitamin d and phosphorous for bone development.
    • Food storage and cooking temperatures
      • any foods being chilled i.e dairy products, cooked foods and raw ingredients, should be stored below 5 degrees. This is because bacteria growth is slowed at this temperature.
      • Freezing- when you freeze a product to maintain freshness it must be below -18 degrees to make the bacteria go dormant.
      • When reheating a product it must be reheated to at least 72 degrees to avoid food poisoning.
      • Be careful not to overcook some no-animal or even meat products, as vitamins b and c are killed by heat.
    • some people are allergic to certain foods or have intolerances to types of food. These include:
      • Coeliacs- they have an intolerance to gluten- gluten can be foudn in wheat products like bread and pasta.
      • lactose intolerance- inability to swallow the natural sugars in cows ilk
      • diabetics have a high blood sugar level than normal- they cant control their blood sugar levels-have to monitor carb intake
      • people may choose to become vegetarian, avoiding meat and fish, ut there are many different types. These include:
        • lacto-ovo eat eggs and milk, ovo eat eggs, lacto eat milk, peskaterians eat fish
    • staple crops are crops that provide more energy worldwide than any other crop


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