Film Editing

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  • Film Editing
    • Cut
      • a visual transition where one shot replaced on the screen by another
    • Continuity Editing
      • created action that flows smoothly, made to be undetected
    • Cross-Cutting
      • cutting back and forth between two or more lines of action, happens simultaneously
    • Dissolve
      • gradual transition, end of last shot overlaps with beginning of next one
    • Editing
      • selecting and joining shots to create finished film
    • Error of continuity
      • Disruption in flow of scene, misplacement of props
    • Establishing Shot
      • taken from great distance, where the action is about to occur
    • Eyeline Match
      • matching of eyelines between characters (180degree rule)
    • Fade
      • last shot is faded into black and next shot is faded in
    • Final Cut
      • finished edit of film, what the audience sees
    • Iris
      • circle opening or closing a shot, unpopular in contemporary but popular in silent Hollywood era
    • Jump Cut
      • cut which lacks continuity, misses some of action
    • Matched Cut
      • joining two shots which match compositional elements
    • Montage
      • emotional impact reached through union of many brief shots
    • Sequence Shot
      • long take, one shot no editing
    • Shot Reverse Shot
      • used for conversation, alternates with over the shot
    • Wipe
      • Bar travelling pushes one shot off and pulls next shot in, rare in contemporary, common in 40s and 30s


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