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  • Figure 1
    • Characteristics
      • Quantitative
      • Large scale
      • Representative
      • Reliable
      • Primary
      • Official statistics
      • Questionnaires
    • Tends
      • As a person gets older, there is a fall in economic activity for both men and woman
      • IN each age group, there are more men in economic activity than woman
      • 60-64 is the greatest difference for men and woman
      • Biggest decrease would be between 60-64 to 65-69
      • But just woman would be 55-59 to 60-64
      • But just men would be 60-64 to 65-69
    • Reasons for tends
      • Retirement age
      • Culture - woman not working when married & having children
      • Employers
    • Reasons for working beyond retirement age
      • Worried about getting bored
      • Culture
      • Financial  reasons (11 pound a week on pension)
      • Employers wanting them to stay on
      • Might not feel physical ready to retire
      • Wanting to continue working
    • Benefits to society of working beyond retirement age
      • Experienced workforce
      • Less people older people claiming pensions
      • older people remain healthy
    • Drawbacks to society form people working beyond retirement age
      • Less jobs for younger people
      • Stagnant society
      • Wages could be greater as pay increase with experience
      • Increase in unemployment benefits for young people


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