Ferdinand and Isabella Foreign Policy 1469-1505

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  • Ferdinand and Isabella Foreign Policy
    • Aims
      • Ferdinand in Charge of For. Pol. so followed traditional Aragaonese policy
      • Setup strong network of embassies across Europe
      • 1495 permanent ambassadors in Rome, Venice, London, Brussels, etc
      • Deealt with conflict directly
      • The Reconquista
      • Finance voyages of Discovery
    • France
      • Navarre acquired 1512 to prevent French invasion
      • 1494 French invasion of Italy led to conflict
      • Conrol over Central of Med. gave protection from Turks and import+export easier
      • Cerdagne and Rousillon recovered
      • Treaty of Barcelona- Ferdinand had claim to Naples
    • Portugal
      • Wanted to keep peace to stop invasion
      • Married Spanish princess w/ Portuguese crown
      • Treaty of Alcacovas 1479- Portugal gave up claim to Canary Islands
    • HRE
      • Allies through Holy league
      • Spanish Ambassador in Austria
      • Marriage allinace with Phillip of Burgundy and Joanna
    • Aragon
      • Longer relations with countries and diplomatic  experience
      • Relations with Navarre
      • Had many ports and close borders with France
    • North Africa
      • 1490s seen as a threat
      • Fears of Muslims invasion
      • Isabella's dying wish to extend Reconquista into North Africa
      • Spain took a number of ports and towns


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