Communication and Culture- Feminist perspective on culture

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  • Feminist Perspective on Culture
    • Where Marxists see the mass media as promoting capitalism and elite control, feminists have concentrated on the representation of gender roles.
      • They see a relationship between gender socialisation and popular culture.
        • Popular culture is controlled by ruling class males.
          • Popular culture is oppressive.
          • Popular culture stereotypes women into submissive roles such as housewife of sex object.
            • Where woman are powerful in the mass media it is usually within the family.
            • Popular culture encourages women to focus on their bodies as a way of gaining approval.
            • Popular culture produces representati-ons of females for the male gaze.
    • Liberal feminists believe by changing society's rules and representation-s of women, gender roles will change. They believe there has been changes to gender roles.
      • Radical feminists believe change is only possible if women organise  away from men.


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