Communication and Culture- Marxist Perspective

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  • Marxist Perspective on Culture
    • High Culture is just ruling class culture and that the ruling class claim is better that other cultural forms.
      • By defining high culture as better or posh culture the masses feel excluded from it and turn to low culture as theirs.
    • Low culture is produced by the elite to be consumed by the masses.
      • Low culture is all set up to reinforce the class structure
      • Low culture is all about distracting the working classes from the realisation that they are being oppressed. This is referred to as false consciousness
        • Low culture distracts the working classes by giving them them things to occupy themselves with other than politics. Gossiping about celebrity scandals in Heat Magazine is a good example.
      • Low culture tricks the working class into believing that they have more life opportunities than they actually have. e.g. BGT
      • Shopping is also part of low culture and cheap products also act as a diversion.
    • Culture has become an industry- it sells dominant ideas to the masses.
      • The Marxist view thinks culture is a bad thing, it is a method of controlling the masses. If masses came to understand the purpose of culture they would rebel


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