US constitution - Federalism under Obama

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  • Federalism under Obama
    • Focused more on domestic policy as a way of delivering his 'change' agenda.
    • States given categorical grants-in-aid to carry out policies.
    • Money from the federal government accounted for 30% of state government spending in 2009 compared with 25% in 2008.
    • Reasons
      • re-authorisation of State Children's Health Insurance legislation
      • The expansion of medicare under Obama's healthcare reform legislation
      • Higher education expenditure (e.g Pell Grants, 2010)
      • $4.35 billion invested in the Race to the top programme to boost education in the states
    • Many Republicans saw the passage of the healthcare reform legislation as 'the end of federalism'
    • The Tea Party movement thought Obama was more socialist than Federalist.
    • 74% of Republicans & 60% of independents agreed with the statement that 'the federal government is doing too many things better left to business & individuals.'


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