US Government & Politics: A2 Unit 4C - The Presidency (Imperial or Imperilled)

Government and Politics, A2, US Politics, The Presidency, Unit 4C 

  • Table argues whether the President of America is Imperial (all powerful and controlling) or Imperilled (limited by Congress and Supreme Court). Covering it on the basis of Domestic and Foreign Policy.  
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Imperial Imperilled
President on Foreign Policy: Limits on President by the Constitution:
The President dominates Foreign Policy Nancy Pelosi's decision to visit Syria goes
which undermines the Constitution directly against Bush's policy against
Obama chooses to focus on Foreign Policy Syria
through his decision to spend more on Congressmen can…

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Hamden Vs Rumsfield (2006): Declared
military commissions at Guantanamo as
E.g. The use of torture such as Water
Bush was very limited
The decision were very liberal
United states Vs Nixon: The court can
declare any action of any member at the
executive branch to be unconstitutional

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Korean War (1950's): The Case Act: 1972
Truman sent American Troops to Korea President Must inform congress of any
without authorisation or a declaration executive agreements within 60 days of
Imperial nature of the President undermines signing
the view of the Founding Fathers

Executive Agreement:
An agreement when the President…


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