Federalism and Key Events

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  • Federalism and Key Events
    • 1819- McCulloch V Maryland SC said federal laws take precedent over conflicting states laws
    • Recent Clashes Include- Fed withholding highway funds if didn't pass leg e.g. National Speed Limit
      • Critics feel this upsets traditional balance
    • 1970+ move towards "New Federalism" as Nixon described- saw funding going to states.
      • Reagan 1981 "curb size and influence of fed estab"
      • Clinton 1996 "Era of big government is over."
      • Reasons: Fed Programmes e.g. new deal waste of money. Fed gov failed to tackle social problems and distrust of DC  politicians e.g. 6 Pres- 4 Govs- Obama, Clinton and Bush
    • Key Events such a 911 ( Patriot Act ) and Credit Crunch 2008 led to increase in federal control (finance intervention on par with new deal)
    • Conclusion- Tilt towards Fed Gov. - States still led on some issues such as GM, DP, AS and Abortion
      • Ultimately Federalism has provided an appropriate system of gov in us, most believe its strength outweighs its weaknesses


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