favela bairro project

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  • favela bairro project
    • economic improvements
      • residents can legally own their properties, by application
      • training schemes so that people can learn new skills to get better jobs
    • schemes
      • site and service
        • residents rent the plot of land, which means the get basic services
        • they can borrow money to buy materials
      • local authority
        • funded by government and improve the housing for the residents
      • self help
        • building supplies provided by the government
    • social improvements
      • adult education classes to improve literary levels
      • services to help people cope who have had problems, with things like abuse, drugs and alcohol
    • environmental improvements
      • wooden buildings have been replaced with brick ones
      • removal of homes of dangerously steep slopes
      • widening and paving of streets for easier access




Very helpful in my Geography exam. Thanks!

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