bairro favela project

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  • urban growth-Favela-Bairro project
    • poorest people are the worst affected by issues in urban areas
    • urban planning schemes help reduce impact improving quality of life.
    • Rio is in south-east Brazil. it is also home to 600 squatter settlements (favelas) that house 1/5 of the cities population. (1+ million people)
    • the project ran from 1995-2008 and involved 253000 people in 73 favelas.
    • social improvements made by project
      • day care for children
      • adult education
      • services for drug and alcohol addictions
    • economic improvements
      • helps people get legal ownership of their properties
      • running training schemes to help people find better jobs
    • environmental improvements
      • wooden buildings replaced with brick ones
      • streets widened and paved
      • rubbish collection services


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