Favela Bairro Project

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  • The Favela Bairro Project
    • What is a favela?
      • A slum or shantytown located in Brazil around places like Rio.
        • Issues in the favelas.....
          • Lack of sanitation & waste systems
          • Unsafe buildings/ infrastructure
          • Poor construction management
    • What is the favela bairro project
      • Upgrades building upon existing infrastructure.
      • Upgrades favelas sanitation systems.
      • Introduces new planning procedures & construction systems.
    • Approaches to slum upgrading
      • community involvement
      • A personal touch and feel
    • Livability
      • 'Places people like and satisfy their needs.'
      • Sense of community and self worth
      • Improve locals lives by improving favelas.
    • Professional help
      • Rio is absent of professionals in all careers
        • Architecture courses
        • Additional educational courses
    • Self Help schemes
      • Given resources allowing them to help themselves
      • Allowing the native people to have a say in what they want


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