Favela Barrio Project - Positives and Negatives

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  • Favela Bairro Project
    • Roads are paved and given formal addresses
    • Rents have risen so pushing the poorest out again to build illegal settlements further away
    • The budget of USS$ 1 billion is not enough to cover all favela in Rio's so some areas remain in poverty
    • The enviroment is clean as waste lorries can collect rubbish and water is not contaminated
    • People have better mobility as roads are wider and safer
    • High risk favelas can't be improved. Those on very unsafe land are bulldozed down
    • There is still high illegal and unemployment even in Complexo de Alemao
    • The favela Barrio project brings basic infastructure and services to favelas, Rio's urban squatter settlements
    • People given loans to help buy their homes
    • Newly built infrastructure is not maintained by the residents or the government
    • The government receives taxes from residents which help to improve services
    • Literacy rate is being improved for both children and adults giving people better jobs.
    • Infant Mortality rate is reduced as there is access to local healtcare


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