The Favela-Barrio Project

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  • The Favela-Barrio project
    • Where?
      • Rio in south east Brazil
      • Rio has over 600 favelas
        • Contains 1/5 of Rio's population
          • Over one million people
    • When?
      • From 1995-2008
      • It involved 253000 people in 73 favelas
    • Social improvements
      • Day-care centres for children
      • Adult education classes
      • Rehabilitation services for people with addictions
    • Economic improvements
      • People can apply to get legal ownership of their properties
      • The number of self-made businesses within the favelas has doubles
      • Training schemes to help people find better jobs
    • Environmental improvements
      • Wooden buildings replaced by brick
      • Streets have been widened and paved
      • Weekly rubbish collection
      • Access to electricity and running water


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