Family Diversity mindmap - How are families diverse?

a mindmap on the different ways that families can differ from each other

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  • Family Diversity
    • family structure
      • how the members make up the family
        • Nuclear, extended, one parent, re-constituted etc...
    • family size
      • varietion in number of members and how many members in each position
        • whether there is one or two parents, whether grandparents or uncles/aunts live with the family, and number of children all count towards the varietion in  family size
    • Family relationships
      • how the members interact eg. caring, economical support and provision
    • Family roles
      • how the labour is divided between members
        • a family might have both parents working or just one, the children may contribute to the housework eg. doing dishes, or they may never do domestic work
    • family sexuality
      • whether the parents or other senior members are homosexual or not
    • quality of life
      • some families will live in poverty while some families may consider going on holidays and eating at restaurants as important parts of family life
    • how the family came together
      • whether divorce was involved, parents were cohabitating before marriage or if the parents are even married at all
      • if the children( if children are members in the family) were legitimate or not or if they were adopted
    • Ethnicity
      • families may come from an ethnic background different to the norm in their society they reside in
      • families may constitute of members from different ethnic backgrounds or members of dual heritage
        • this results in ethnic hybrids


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