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  • The nature and role of family in society
    • Feminism
      • The family helps to maintain patriarchy.
      • The family helps to support and reproduce inequalities between men and women
      • Idea is that women are oppressed because they are socialised to be dependant on men
      • There's an ideology about men's roles and women's roles
    • Marxist Feminism
      • see the exploitation of women as essential to the success of capitalism
      • the family produces and cares for the next generation of workers for society at almost no cost to capitalist system
      • men are paid for work outside of the home but women aren't paid for wirk inside the home
      • BENSTON = if housework was paid even at minimum wage levels it would damage capitalist profits hugely
      • ANSLEY = men take out their frustration and stress from work on women, instead of challenging the capitalist system
    • Radical Feminism
      • Highlights housework as an area of exploitation of women
      • don't see it as a fault of the capitalist system
      • see exploitation of women as being down to the domination of men in society
      • believe that men will always oppress men and women
      • DELPHY AND LEONARD = see the family as a patriarchal institution in which women do most of the work and men get most of the benefit
    • Liberal Feminism
      • emphasise the cultural norms and values which are reinforced by the family and by other institutions
      • family is only sexist because it supports mainstream culture which is sexist
      • believe social change is possible
      • try to put pressure on legal system to change laws which discriminate against women


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