Family Diversity - Sociology AS OCR Unit 2

Notes on family diversity for AS OCR Sociology.

Includes: cultural diversity, sexual diversity, changing households, New Right, Postmodernism and New Labour.

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Family Diversity
Jennifer Riches

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Diverse means variations. There are many variations
in families...…read more

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How are
diverse?…read more

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Rapoports 1982
Identified five elements
of family diversity
Organizational diversity - this refers to family structure, kinship networks and
how roles are divided in the home.
Cultural Diversity - there is ethnic and religious diversity in the contemporary
UK, which give rise to family diversity.
Class-based Diversity - social class affects relationships in families and the
socialization of children.
Stage in life cycle Diversity - family life is different for newly married couples
than those with children that have left home etc.…read more

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Single Parent Families
Has tripled in the last 30
Temporary phase?
Not all single parents have
been married
'shotgun weddings' in the
past due to pregnancies
Roseneil and Budgeon 2004
Allan and Crowe 2001…read more

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Beanpole Families
Extended but in the
specific direction (long
and thin)
These are
families with more
Than intragenerational
contact (cousins)…read more

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Fewer intragenerational ties ... More intergenerational ties...
High divorce rates. When partners split
People are living longer. Grandparents
up there can be a breakdown of
and even great grandparents are alive
contact between extended family
for longer and more physically fit.
Falling fertility rates. If people have Practical and emotional support. Grown-
fewer siblings than they used to, there up offspring are likely to be place with
will be fewer relationships on this the responsibilityof caring for the elderly
level than in the past.…read more

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When families merge
together to form a new
In 2004, 10% of all
families were reconstituted
Refs to situations where
children are cared for
separately by each of their
birth parents…read more

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Cultural Diversity…read more

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There are links between religion and
family. Some religious people are
more likely to have children living
with them than others. Religion can
also influence the way that children
are socialised in families.…read more


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