Fall Of The Wall

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  • Fall Of The Wall
    • In January 1989 Honecker claimed 'The Berlin wall will stand for another 100 years'
    • In the late 80s Hungary started to reform and allow multi party elections.
      • On the 2nd May 1989 Hungary opened it boarders with Austria.
        • By the summer more than 30,000 citizens of GDR had used the Hungary-Austria boarder to go to the FRG
        • On 3rd October the GDR closed its boarders with Czechoslovakia
    • When Gorbachev came to power he constantly undermined Honecker's hard line socialism
    • The GDR had to either condemn the actions of China at Tiananmen Square or applaud it. Honecker chose to applaud it.
    • New parties like the SPD and Democratic Reawakening
    • Honecker began to retreat from public life due to health issues
    • On 6th October 1989 Gorbachev visited the GDR
      • he told Honecker that he must start to follow Russian liberalisation.
      • There were protests with people chanting 'Gorby help us'
    • 9th October 1989 was the Leizig Demonstration
      • There were over 70,000 demonstrators
    • On the 17th October 1989 Honecker resigned
      • Krenz succeeded Honecker without much support from the Politburo
        • On 9th November 1989 Krenz announced unrestricted access between the GDR and the FRG
          • Because this was announced so suddenly people began to pick away at the wall and it collapsed.
    • Once the wall had fallen Kohl reunified Germany and became the first Chancellor of the reunified Germany.


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