Teapot Dome

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  • Teapot Dome (1922-3)
    • Scandal that overtook the Republican governemnt
    • 14th April 1922 - the Wall Street Journal reported a secret arrangement
      • Secretary of the Interior, Albert Fall, had leased the US naval petroleum reserve at Teapot Dome in Wyoming
      • Leased the reserve to a private oil company owned by Harry Sinclair
      • Also leased land at Elk Hills in California to oil man Edward Doheny
    • Wisconsin Republican Senator, Robert La Follette, arranged for the Senate Committee on Public Lands to investigate
    • 1921 - Senate found that Doheny had lent Fall $100,000, interest free
    • Sinclair also 'loaned' him a large sum of money when Fall retired as Secretary of the Interior
    • Fall convicted of accepting bribes and became first Cabinet member to go to prison
    • Fall received a one year sentence and was fined $100,000


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