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  • Factors that affected Pare's work
    • Communications
      • His book was written in French so it could then be translated all over Europe
      • "Works on Surgery"
      • Gets his ideas to others
    • Chance
      • Oil runs out so he concocts his own ointment
      • Puts simple bandages on wounds
      • There's no understanding of germs or bacteria yet
    • Attitudes and beliefs
      • Surgeons were stubborn and disliked new ideas
      • Traditional method of CAUTERY was still being used
      • Pare was willing to ignore other people
      • Once he's famous people listen to his ideas (always the way)
    • War
      • He was with the French army as a surgeon
      • In the army he learnt a lot more about how to treat wounds, including how to stop bleeding after amputations
    • Individual genius
      • Wrote "Works on Surgery"
      • Was a surgeon in Paris
      • Found out that wounds healed better WITHOUT cautery
      • Prepared to try new ideas
      • Puts simple bandages on wounds
      • He makes ligatures


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